Let me start by saying MaryEllen has the gift of healing: Two hospital admissions, extensive tests, MRI's, cat scans, referrals to several highly regarded specialists all were unable to accomplish or diagnose what MaryEllen was able to achieve applying her Myofascial program  over a 3 month period. All this without the use of drugs, injections or surgery. I was suffering with serious bouts of Vertigo, herniated discs in my neck, (loss of the use of my left arm, numbness), back and hip pain, at times I was unable to walk or drive and uncontrollable high blood pressure. I could go on and on.  MaryEllen's gift and training of Myofascial PT absolutely a life changer and saving grace. My thanks and lasting gratitude!

I approached Mary Ellen because I had upper shoulder pain that I had been experiencing for 2 years. This pain was not consistently being relieved by other treatment modalities. Mary Ellen has helped me tremendously with MFR. The result is I am able to exercise and participate in my yoga teacher training pain free.  I have recommended Mary Ellen to my patients for MFR. Her skills as a clinician are excellent. She is warm, caring and very professional. -Susan -PMHCNS.,BC-Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

When I first came to see Mary Ellen, my life revolved around chronic foot pain. My doctor said that I had Plantar Fasciitis.   After wearing the boot and having weeks of traditional physical therapy, I was still in pain. Mary Ellen’s MFR treatment and whole body approach has mended my foot, and now I am pain free.  Maryellen has been extraordinarily giving of her time and her expertise in helping my body return back to that normal feeling. -Toni-

I would like to highly recommend Mary Ellen as a therapist because she was able to almost completely alleviate the cording pain and release my arms to have outstanding range of motion. Additionally she gave me specific exercises to do at home, with the use of a small plastic ball to continue softening the fascia in the upper body.I am so very grateful for her experience, strength and hopeful attitude. -Pamelah-

Myofascial release has made a huge, positive impact on my health and well-being. In the highly competent hands of Mary Ellen, all my foot pain due to plantar fasciitis has completely disappeared. ( This after two years of doctor visits,, custom orthotics,, and cortisone injections; none of these eliminated my pain). Mary Ellen has also shown me techniques and exercises at home, which resulted in increased relaxation. Mary Ellen is a caring, committed, and highly knowledgeable , well-trained professional Her warmth and easy going matter make sessions a pleasure.-Christine Z  .

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